Pakistan trained 4,587 Kashmiri Youths in Terror Camps in POK

In the last three decades of unrest and militancy in Kashmir, more than 4,587 persons from the valley have received arms training in different jihadist camps spread across Pak Occupied Kashmir.

It was stated in a written reply in the Jammu and Kashmir government in the legislative assembly.

This figure excludes the foreign terrorist who has been pushed into the J&K by the Pakistan Army and ISI to carry out subversive activities in the.

In the last 14 years, 5,504 security personals have been killed in anti-insurgency operations and attacks by the militants. It includes Army men, paramilitary forces and police personals.

Pakistan trained 4,587 Kashmiri Youths in Terror Camps in POK

The number of extremists has come down drastically from 6,800 of different jihadist groups in 1996 to 240 in 2013 and 199 in 2014.

As of 2016, 145 militants are active in the state and of these 91 are locals, and 54 are foreigners.

The government also informed the house that 489 youths along with their wives and children have returned home from training camps in POK and Pakistan.

Most of the extremists who returned choose to come via Nepal from 2003 till 22 May 2016.

A policy has been in p[lace to rehabilitate the misguided youths who have crossed into Pakistan but have given up hostilities against India and have decided to give up the gun and lead a peaceful life.

There are four routes through which the ultras can return to the mainstream. However, the Nepal route is not approved under the scheme.

The Home Ministry has asked opinion from the state government on the inclusion of Nepal route as an entry point for youths who have crossed illegally into Pakistan.

The Home Ministry is with the Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti, and she was answering questions raised by the Leader of the Opposition and former Chief Minister, Farook Abdullah.

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