Celebrities participate in ‘Clean Narmada, Green Jabalpur’ Rally

JABALPUR – The ‘Clean Narmada, Green Jabalpur’ rally is being organized by the ‘Dainik Bhaskar Group’ in Jabalpur to commemorate 30th Anniversary of its foundation.

The rally starts at 8.30 on 1 August 2016 and will start from Bhavartal Garden and pass through Bloom Chowk, Old Bus Stand, Teen Patti, and end at Wright Town Stadium.

The event will culminate in a grand finale at Wright Town Stadium. Bollywood actor Govinda and Ashutosh Rana will entertain the guests who are expected to throng in thousands into the stadium. Ashutosh Rana is closely related to Jabalpur and has his roots in Narsingpur, Jabalpur.

‘Clean Narmada, Green Jabalpur’ Rally

The event will also see a performance by internationally renowned Shyam Band and Bhola Band. Other performers include a Band from Indore, members of the Kadam Foundation who will present the Ahir dance.

The rally will see participation from schools, college, athletes, NSS and NCC cadets, Doctors and members of different social and cultural groups.

For a Eco free Jabalpur:

Dainik Bhaskar Group is sponsoring the event for keeping the Narmada River clean and preserving the unique ecology of Jabalpur also known as Sanskardhani or the birth place of culture.

The Daily which has become the most read newspaper in the Vindhya region has in the past conducted some initiatives for keeping the River Narmada clean and pollution free.

The purpose of the rally:

The rally will educate the people of the city about how vital it is to keep the River Narmada clean. The world is witnessing climate change of epic proportions.

The effects of climate change are evident in Jabalpur also. The rainy season is 50% over and stills the two tanks Pariyat and Khandhari, which provide water for the millions of residents of the city is still not full.

The gates of the Bargi dam have opened once in two years. All these are ill effects of the climate change which is going to affect each individual.

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