Orthopedic surgeons say bad roads in Delhi reason for severe back problem

One of the worst thing that comes with the monsoon in Delhi is bad roads. The pathetic condition of roads in the city has confirmed an alarming rise in chronic spinal injuries in drivers.

Not only this, it has become quite a pain for all those people who prefer to take a ride in an auto. Doctors in the Capital have confirmed this latest report.

The Orthopedic and Spine surgeons have confirmed that from the time monsoon has started in the city there have been regular complaints of back problems.

Bad raods and traffic in Delhi

People who return from work in the evening not only have to bear the traffic but the deteriorating condition of the road have added more problem.

Doctors have informed that the intervertebral disc which lies between each vertebra have stressed excessively in roads full of potholes. The bad roads shock the body during traveling, and it leads to stress in the spine. It can further lead to slipped or herniated disc.

Doctors say bad roads in Capital leads to severe back problem

The risk further develops when one travels at more speed and the injury caused are much higher. The doctor further states that the risk of harm increases as the rate of acceleration increases.

Cause for back and neck problems:

Well if we state the obvious in Delhi due to limited time frame people tends to drive faster even it’s a potholed road in the morning. The driving not only increases the chance of getting severe back problem but also neck injuries.

To get a clear picture of how severely we get affected by this issue a group of scientists from National Aerospace Laboratories in Bengaluru took up a project to assess the damage caused to the spine while driving.

They made a dummy weighing 65 kg which was driven in a car as well in an autorickshaw to measure seat acceleration while driving.

Car speed experiments:

The experiments showed that a car driven at 25 kmph over 40-45 bumps and 200 potholes could cause severe damage to our neck and back. On the other hand, 5 to 10 potholes were sufficient to cause similar damage to our back if one travels by autorickshaw.

Recent medical data also shows that people reporting of back problems and cervical have increased during the monsoon season in the Capital. Not only this it’s reported that the road may only get worse in this month.

But what remains a mystery is even after regularly complaining about bad roads the government has not paid any attention in this direction.

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