Policeman suspended after posting remarks on Facebook about Kerala CM

In an era where people are fighting for freedom of expression, it has been proved in Kerala that this particular type of ‘freedom’ is not applicable for Police officers.

A Civil Police Officer named Rajagopal was suspended by the CPI (M) Government led by Pinarayi Vijayan following his controversial remarks about the home ministry through his social media page on August 04, 2016.

Rajagopal’s Facebook post was an aftermath of Sub Inspector Vimodh’s suspension after arresting three media personals who insisted in staying inside Kozhikode District court’s premises.

The new post from the civil police officer literally lashed out against the ruling party, and he added that these kinds of acts from the Home Minister against the Police will shatter their morale.

Policeman suspended after posting remarks about Kerala Chief Minister

As per Rajagopal, it was the court who asked Vimodh to block the media personals from the court’s vicinity. The policeman added that Vimodh was sacked even after doing his job perfectly.

The gravest sentence from the cop is regarding the backbone of PInarayi. He told that the reigning home minister does not have the backbone to stood up with the right.

The suspension of these two police officials has fetched negative reactions from all corners. People believe that this is the real intolerance, and a left party like CPI (M) has forgotten everything to glorify their leader.

Earlier, CPI (M) has criticized BJP leaders and Narendra Modi a lot for arresting some youth as they insulted our Prime Minister, and now, the same party who stood up for ‘freedom of expression’ has started reacting when fingers started pointing on them.

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Nirmal Narayanan, born as the son of a Sub Inspector of Police in Kerala, said No to Medical Admission due to his passion for English Language. He started his journalistic career four years back by writing for some online film portals and magazines. He believes in making some positive changes in the society with his pen, and this made him chose writing as a full-time profession. Nirmal loves to spend his leisure time by watching movies. Father of two, he lives with his family in Palakkad, Kerala