PM Modi’s demand for Indian food in Rio Olympics gets approved

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with the sports ministry has made the impossible possible. Finally, the Indian athletes will be getting Indian food at the Rio Olympics 2016.

The PM has paid heed to the food problem faced by athletes when they travel abroad. The Modi Sarkar has finally ensured that the food is available for the athletes. One major reason behind this latest implication was that in a study it was found out that athletes tend to perform better when they are fed familiar food.

Paying attention to this research, Sports Ministry will be providing the athletes with familiar food. The Indian Food thali will include dal makhani, vegetable pulao, egg bhurji, tandoori roti, raita, etc. In addition to that, the thali will also have the option of gulab jamun and soan papdi.

PM Modi ensures Indian food for the Indian contingent:

The concerted effort by the PM and the Ministry was taken to boost the player’s performance. This is not the only step other than the food issue the players was flown much earlier to the venue to ensure that they have enough time to give their best shot.

indian food rio olympicsBut the luxury of Indian food did not come quickly for the athletes, six months back the dream to savor the taste of Indian cuisine seemed near to impossible. The India’s sports ministry had requested the Olympic Games organization for an Indian kitchen in the Olympic village which was rejected again and again.

The committee refused the proposal on the ground that the Indian continent has always been small, and this could lead to excessive food being wasted. Also, they pointed out it would be complete wastage of money.

Office kitchen for Indian players:

But the Ministry did not give up their hope their regular mail to the organizers finally paid off. Two weeks back the ministry received official confirmation that they have approved their proposal. The 119 participants from India who are representing the country will have food prepared to suit their taste.

It looks like PM is leaving no stone unturned for the even

But their particular guidelines that have been set up by the Olympics like no food items to be set across the Olympics kitchen.

This step is taken to prevent mixing of ingredients from outside the venue.

The official kitchen will be cooking 50,000 meals daily which will include a menu from Brazilian, Asian, and other international border.

This year Modi government is doing everything in its power to win as many medals as they can. The 135-crore Olympic push that started in January 2015 will include 24-hour control room monitoring, mental trainers, scientific trainers, best coaches, etc. The program was named Target Olympic Podium (TOP).

If we go by the data, this is for the first time that India has spent Rs 10 crore on every big sport. Besides this, more money has poured in the archery and shooting area.


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