– Your memories, at a glance !

The best thing about memories is making them. Memories stir emotions. Capturing photographs helps you to hang on to those memories a little longer. How often do we come back from a special vacation or an event with loads and loads of photographs only to bury them deep inside the sectors of our hard drives.

Whilst looking at the screen or sharing a few images on social media can help preserve them for a little longer, nothing can replace the feeling of holding those memories in your hands, in form of beautifully printed photo books and albums.

These photo books will hold images that can teleport you straight into those cherished nostalgic moments reminding you of the stories your heart wants to remember. Photo books and albums are so easily retrievable from your book shelf helping you relive those fond moments.

Snaphoot specializes in photobooks designing and printing and so every image of yours is subjected to a dash of creativity!

We print on 125 micronlustre (non-glossy) media using world class HP Indigo print technology. The cover pad is tough and hard bound for a longer shelf life.

Cross the threshold between burying the pictures into oblivion, and re-living them. So go ahead, print one and save your memories for life !!

About the Author
Richa Aggarwal