Recorded Video Lectures – A New Dawn in the Education System

In the age of online learning, video lectures have taken a front seat and are changing the way students learn. Even though traditional classroom learning is still kicking and is preferred by most students; online learning is actually catching up and is not far behind. In fact, online learning is actually preferred by many students because of the flexibility it offers.

Recorded video lectures are a great way of preparing for various competitive exams, especially JEE and NEET. IIT JEE video lectures offer a modern method of learning that comes with multiple benefits over the traditional approach.

As an extension of advanced learning, video lectures offer students the ability to watch them repeatedly and learn more engagingly. A true revolution in the education industry, video lectures are no doubt bringing the active change.

Here’s how students can benefit from recorded video lectures:

  • Better Understanding of Concepts

When students learn from video lectures, they can retain information better and understand concepts in a much more straightforward way. Understanding of comprehensive material is also easy, and students can focus far better than they would in a traditional classroom setting. They also offer a multi-dimensional aspect of concepts which can trigger the learning process that is much more simplified.

  • Ability to Watch Repeatedly

The sheer ability to watch such lectures repeatedly increases the retention power of students. In the traditional learning method, students have to attend lectures, and if they miss understanding a concept, they are pretty much left by themselves and have to learn from books. In the case of recorded video lectures, students can repeatedly watch them until they understand a certain topic.

  • Keeps Students Interested

It is a common sight to see students lose interest in their studies because the environment in the classroom is dull or it is too fast-paced for them to learn anything. Some students might be bored and feel like they are a part of a chore. However, studying from such lectures maintains the interest in students because it is much more interactive, and students can choose their own pace.

  • Induces Self-Study in Students

Students who are preparing for JEE need to adopt the habit of self-studying. JEE is one of the toughest competitive exams in India and requires students to be incredibly focused on their preparation. The traditional classroom method is not much oriented in self-study since students spend most of their time studying in a class. The time for introspection is not a lot, which can lead to weak preparation. Video lectures make students more responsible towards their preparation and push them to do things by themselves.

  • Diverse Learning

Video lectures offer students the chance to learn multiple concepts at a time. It is a much diverse way of preparing for the entrance exams such as JEE. The lectures offered by Aakash iTutor are a brilliant way of preparing for entrance exams. They are prepared by experienced Aakash faculty and are easy to understand. Aakash iTutor is equipped with over 1500 hours of video lectures explaining every concept in detail.

  • Self-Paced Learning

Video lectures give students the freedom to learn at their own pace. It can impart a sense of responsibility in students and lead them to manage their studies by themselves. Since not all students are the same and cannot learn at the same pace, video lectures offer them the choice to study as and when they like. Students can take it slow and watch the lectures at their own pace. It helps in better understanding and retention of concepts.

  • Access to Quality Education

Online learning is bridging the gap between students and quality education. Students residing in Tier 2 or Tier 3 cities, or even in remote areas do not have access to quality coaching institutes. With online learning platforms like Aakash iTutor, this gap is slowly diminishing. Students can learn from such lectures without going to other cities for coaching classes. It is a viable solution and works better for them since these lectures are prepared by experienced faculty who teach at the best coaching institutes.

Recorded video lectures are indeed a new dawn in the education system. It is perhaps the most revolutionary addition to learning and is evolving with technology. Students should consider learning from recorded video lectures – especially the ones who want to manage their own time and learn at their own pace. Online learning, especially IIT JEE video lectures is a boon for students from remote areas with dreams of becoming engineers but have limited access to quality education.

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