To give is the noblest deed and benefits the giver more says research

These are trying times, and the population of the US is experiencing an extraordinary level of stress. It is a time when we re-visit our roots and try to find solace in the almighty. We go back to the basic teachings of the Bible – To help yourself, start by helping others. The adage has been confirmed by science, which says that it is an effective way to bolster our emotional health.

To give is the noblest deed and benefits the giver more says research

To give is the noblest deed and benefits the giver more says research

To give gives innumerable benefits

A lot of scientific research conducted on the human ability to bounce back from adversity. The study proves that having a sense of purpose, giving a helping hand to the needy, has a positive impact on our well being. Adam Grant, an organizational psychologist at Wharton and author of “Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success feels that one of the best ways to tackle anxiety-related problems is generosity. It does not cost much to be generous. Whatever we give to a needy person ends up being beneficial to the giver.

Donating increase secretions of feel-good hormones

Research has revealed that donating or just thinking about giving releases feel-good secretions from the brain. The chemicals are similar to the secretions which are released by the pleasures of food and sex. People who yearn to do good have lower levels of stress hormones.

In today’s situation, social distancing has become essential. There are many ways by which we can do good to the community. Even advising the distressed is one way of doing good. A phone call, giving advice, or just giving a patient hearing is very beneficial to the giver. Studies conducted on 2,274 people at the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Chicago have interesting conclusions. It revealed that students who mentored juniors spent more time with their homework. Overweight persons who counseled other obese people on weight reduction ended up becoming more motivated to lose weight themselves.

Giving to others is nobler and ends up with the giver benefitting much more. Above all, the Bible repeatedly emphasizes the basic Christian principle of lending. In present times, we have a golden opportunity to help the needy and distressed. Therefore, let us pledge to use the occasion to increase our quota of good deeds.

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