90 Day Fiancé’: Evelyn Halas reveals her pregnancy pic with the baby

Justin and Evelyn Halas have finally shown their first baby, Nathan, on social media. The “90 Day Fiancé” stars are first-time parents and it looks like they are still trying to get the hang of the whole gig! Since Justin is not on Instagram, most of the fans’ updates on Nathan come from Evelyn’s account. In one post, she greeted her husband on his birthday and included a photo of him hanging out with their son. More recently, she also posted a photo of the three of them in their yard.

Evelyn’s pregnancy

Justin and Evelyn Halas took their time in starting a family. Years after their stint on “90 Day Fiancé,” the two have largely avoided controversy, unlike other couples that started on the franchise. Back in April, the “90 Day Fiancé” couple announced via Evelyn’s Instagram that they are indeed going to have a child. She even had to take three pregnancy tests just to make sure that she is pregnant. According to her, she did not expect that conceiving a child would be fast. She anticipated it would be challenging because of the difficulty of getting pregnant at 35.

Over the course of her pregnancy, she posted pictures of her baby bump on her Instagram account. They also confirmed the sex of their baby in May. On Tuesday, September 01, Evelyn announced via Instagram Story that she had already given birth. In the now-unavailable post, she showed a photo of Nathan’s little feet and used the hashtag #BabyHalas. She then eventually went online again the next day. She thanked everyone who gave their family good wishes.

Evelyn and Justin Halas on ’90 Day Fiancé

Justin and Evelyn Halas are among the lucky “90 Day Fiancé” couples to last a long time. The reality television stars first appeared on the franchise on the main show’s second season. They met by accident during the 2013 World Games in the city of Santiago de Cali in Colombia.

Justin Halas previously mentioned that it was him who first approached Evelyn as they were standing in line at a hotdog stand. They then enjoyed each other’s company for the next seven days. However, Justin had to go back to the United States so they had to cut their blossoming romance short. Thankfully, he decided to go back to Colombia after three months. By the end of the trip, they have proclaimed their love for each other. He proposed and then they eventually got married in 2014.

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