Act of Kindness: Hyderabad traffic constable runs 2 kms helping an Ambulance make way

G Babji, a heroic Hyderabad cop, is among many others to be proud of. He pledges to help others in the most crucial times, where kindness is all that’s required.

Babji was on duty near the Koti area in Hyderabad, where the incident took place. The Monday evening predicament traffic blocked the way of a scuffle Ambulance.

The TOI reported Abid road traffic police official saying when he was on duty at the bank street road; he happened to see an ambulance stuck in the middle of massive traffic, unable to move.

He then inquired about the current situation of the patient. The family requested him for some help, which leads him to run 2 kms on the street, clearing the huge crowd—and asking people to make some way pass the ambulance. His selfless act helped the life of a stranger.

There is a saying, “Act-of-kindness is not a mere duty that’s performed. But a thoughtful process, done via the heart.”

Every country needs such people like G Babji, who could take every charge considering his own. It’s the responsibility that lies in every individual and not just by owned Law enforcement officers.

The matter came to light when somebody shot a video from an ambulance, which went viral—filling the hearts of praises instinctively.
“G Babji said it was the time between 6 pm to 7 pm, as the ambulance reached GPO junction the massive traffic hit hard, I began to clear the way asking motorist make some way and Ran till Andhra Bank, Koti. After which the traffic got clear, Babji recalls”

Anil Kumar, Additional Commissioner of Police tweeted, “HTP Officer Babji of Abid Traffic PS clearing the way for an ambulance. Well done HTP in the service of the citizen, ” he writes.

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