Bihar Election Results: NDA Wins, Modi say’s Nitish Kumar to Remain CM

Nitish Kumar to Remain CM

Bihar, as one of the major states of the Indian union, having multi-polar politics. The Bjp progressed extensively in this 2020 election. In 2015 Bjp gained 59 out of 157 seats in contradiction; in 2020, out of 121 seats assigned, Bjp has won 74. Bjp can allege that it has propelled NDA to triumph because its amalgamated, particularly as Nitish Kumar’s JD(U) has not performed extensively.

The JD(U)’s lower review- tolled 115 seats in foil, managed to win only 43. Has made the Bjp a leading partner of the politics in Bihar. Bihar prolongedly aimed for such, Chief-ministers as Bjp in times. Many Bjp leaders stipulated that during a period of one year, the leading party will form its own policies and appoint its own leaders in top positions some leaders conveyed.

Bihar’s results were also a pull-back for NDA. In recent years Bjp has lost two of his ally, the Shiv Sena and the Shiromani Akali (SAD). At the moment, JD(U) having a weaker form, NDA had no suitable party than Bjp.

Nitish Kumar to Remain CM

Furthermore, Bjp couldn’t bestow a softened side to JD(U) as that would entwine a chance for other parties like Chirag Paswan and LJP, making them comfortable with NDA. LJP candidates have received support from BJP, which they cannot deny off and JD(U) is no longer in a state to ask LJP from NDA or keep it out from the coalition council.

BJP considers the weakening of the NDA, which isn’t good news. Despite it being the largest body, though, hasn’t received the national quarter like the congress of the 1950s or 1960s. Congress a plural society; had regularly supported NDA to tarry in power for decades. But BJP, being the leading party, is yet to discover the invasions of southern states.

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