Delhi records the coldest weather 1.1 degrees celsius in modern 15 years

New Delhi: This new year bought some surprising climate, spraying extreme cold winds leaving people to shiver. As the temperature plunged drastically to 1.1 degrees celsius, considering most inferior in 15 years. This hurtle change was recorded and noted in Safdarjung, an area located in Delhi, which helped identify the city forecast.

Delhi saw dense fog on Saturday. | Photo Credit: Youtube

According to NDTV, Kuldeep Srivastava, the head of the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), informs, the dangers of “very dense” mist, reduced visibility to” zero.” Following areas like Safdarjung and Palam at 6 am.  Hence he also says it’s just the beginning of the rising of intense cold winds, which would last till January 6. Reaching a minimum temperature of 8-degree Celsius by January 4-5. Thereby gradually reducing around 18-19 degrees celsius, with some clouds occasionally be seen during the nights

Dr.Kuldeep Srivastava explains climate analysis.

He explained in a statement “very dense” fog is when visibility is between 0 and 50 meters. In the case of “dense” fog, visibility is between 51 and 200 meters, “moderate” 201 and 500 meters, and “shallow” 501 and 1,000 meters.


In 2006, Delhi had undergone the same cold waves, dipping 0.6 degrees celsius. 

However, he states this wasn’t the coldest of all the days, as the temperature lowered 0.6. Owing to be the coldest season, compared to November 2020. 

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