CM Nitish Kumar decides to impose a night curfew in Bihar

Nitish Kumar to Remain CM

Amid the surge in covid cases and worsening of the situation in Bihar, CM Nitish Kumar decided to impose a night curfew in Bihar. Apart from this, all the educational institutions in Bihar remain closed till May 15, 2021.

The second wave of covid has hit the state hard, leaving hospitals with beds and other challenges. The decision was taken on Sunday after a 3-day meeting of CM Nitish Kumar with the DMs of all the districts and crisis management groups.

Let’s have a closer look at the guidelines to be followed :

Night Curfew- The state, rather than going for a full lockdown, has decided to impose a night curfew starting from 9 P.M till 5 A.M. However, a complete lockdown can be imposed in the containment zones.

Educational Institutions- All the schools and colleges are to be remained shut till May 15, 2021. In addition to this, all the exams are also postponed till further notice.

Gathering at common places- Malls, cinema halls, stadiums, gyms and places of worship, etc. are also to remain closed till May 15, 2021.

All the shops, businesses and fruit and vegetable vendors can work only up to 6 P.M. However, home deliveries by dhabas and restaurants can continue till 9 P.M.

Essential services like post offices, petrol pumps, hospitals, gas stations will function as usual. Police and fire brigades will remain on duty.

Trains, buses, and flights will normally run following strict covid protocols such as wearing masks by passengers and sanitization. Private vehicles can also run without restrictions following the guidelines and protocols.

The passengers boarding public transport will be tested for the infection.

Government Offices to be remained open till 5 PM. But there are no restrictions on essential services.

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