First consignment of medical supplies from US lands in India

First consignment of medical supplies from US lands in India

The first shipment of the many acting as a COVID relief from the US has arrived on Friday, 30th April 2021. The US has again proved its continuing support of over 70 years towards the Indians. The medical supplies provided consist of oxygen cylinders and regulators. More such help to arrive soon is what is being hoped and predicted with a situation of over 3 lakh infections per day in India right now. The states are in a mess and asking for help, and any external help looks like “manna in the way of starved people.”

How were the shipments brought?

The shipments arrived in an extensive strategic airlift aircraft, probably one of the largest, the C-5M Super Galaxy. The US has promised more cooperation, and thus, another military aircraft is expected to land very soon in the capital. The External Affairs Ministry Spokesperson, Arindam Bagchi, appears to be highly optimistic about such cooperation, even predicting it to be a great deal in fighting and defeating the pandemic. The present scenario of India is quite discussed around the world right now, and thus the globe has joined hands in helping Indians to fight it. Few countries are also sending help in a partnership with another country. With such support and a few more days, it is expected that India will win the war against COVID.

Other countries sending help:

Not only the US but other well-known countries have also provided help. Some will soon arrive while some of the support has already arrived. Russia, France, Germany, Australia, Ireland, Belgium, Romania, Luxembourg, Singapore, Portugal, Sweden, New Zealand, Kuwait, and Mauritius also stand with the Indians in their struggle and fight. Russia has already sent 20 tons of medical supplies in the form of oxygen concentrators, medicines, and ventilators on 29th April, while Romania has provided supplies on 29th April.

Let us hope that with more such help, the second wave is handled and cured soon.

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