Apollo starts limited vaccination at some cities

Apollo starts limited vaccination at some cities

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While the second wave keeps scaring Indians and the country turned to a death field, the government and foreign help are finally planning on taking the matter seriously. The Supreme Court, too, stands together in fixing everything inhumanely done during such a crisis. In such a time, people are looking towards more and more trustworthy organizations to provide the vaccine. Apollo finally announces and starts vaccination from 1st May 2021 and relieves the public enthusiasm over getting vaccinated and hoping to live and protect their near and dear ones. This news is reported by the Hindustan Times and is believed to have been taken with a lot of positivity.

First amongst the privates:

To start vaccinating the age group between 18-44, Apollo becomes the first-ever private hospital in India to be doing this. The authority claim to have arranged vaccination doses for the public from the manufacturers. The vice-chairman of the organization has enthusiastically delivered the message of vaccines to the public. The Apollo is a group of 70 hospitals across 24 cities of India. The vaccine is yet to be received by all the hospitals. Information is yet to be shared in detail about which hospital to apply for the vaccine.

Which hospitals of the group will be providing vaccines?

Kamineni has rightfully spoken that the states that have updated the Cowin app will be provided with the portal to apply for vaccination in Apollo. The hospitals will be available depending on that itself, so it all depends on the state ahead with technological updates right now. Though there are limited vaccinations initially, the organization has promised to increase the number by weeks. The costs in private might be 600 rupees and 1200 rupees for Covishield and Covaxin, as stated by the Serum Institute and the Bharat Biotech.

Other than the Apollo, Max Healthcare has also given hope to the ordinary person about opening their vaccination units soon. Let us hope that the vaccination program soon becomes available to all and Science wins all over again in the fight between man and nature.

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