Hyderabad receives Sputnik V vaccines from Russia

According to mint, the first lot for the Sputnik V vaccine has finally arrived at Hyderabad from Russia. This vaccine is a blessing for India since most states have run out of the COVID vaccines. Recent times have let us come across reports of hospitals, morgues, cemeteries, and burning ghats filled with dead bodies; they are rather over-filled, to be exact. Vaccination would bring down the mortality rate and would help to handle the situation.

Expectations from the third vaccine:

India already has Covishield and Covaxin, but due to a vast population and less stock, these seem to get exhausted. The third vaccine Sputnik V is predicted to increase the vaccine capacity, thus reducing the load on the other two vaccines and accelerating the vaccine drive. The number of doses received is 1.5 lakhs, while a million more are yet to be received. All these give more hope amidst the crisis in the country. The Russian Ambassador of India, N Kudashev, has addressed that the collaboration of Russia and India against the second wave dedicates to fighting against the ruthless game played by Mother Nature together. Russia had previously delivered 20 tonnes of medical help to India this Thursday, 29th April 2021. Few other countries have also spread their hands in support, and together, we stand more robust against the deadly virus. The Russian aircraft seem to act as a treat to the eyes of the medical professionals and the government.

Sputnik vs. the other vaccines:

There is a debate going on over the ability of several vaccines in fighting the new mutants. Sputnik has thankfully been found effective against all the strains. Also, Sputnik has a very high record of efficacy and is presently one of the best vaccines. This report again gives positivity to the country. A million vaccines would save so many lives, and together these three vaccines will surely free India of the horror of the epidemic prevailing right now.

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