Cow saves an injured kid and bird, gets rewarded

In the foremost city of Fatehpur on Monday, near a distinct street. Spotted the budding child, eventually been saved by a cow from getting knockdown by a rushing car. The bruised cow was directed to the veterinary, diagnosed with severe internal kidney and intestine injuries.

According to CCTV footage, the Fatehpur milk farm missed counting a cow during an early lactation period. In the opinion of locals. Alluded a man witnessing a boy crossing streets carelessly median came the cow amidst the car and the child.

The saved kid in yellow. | Photo Credit: Youtube

“I was trying to bring my bird to the vet as it had hurt its keel. But since my own vision was blurry due to an infection in my lacrymal gland, I couldn’t see the car coming. The cow saved my life like an angel”, the boy asserted.

Therefore, the vet doctors proclaimed in a statement, “While the accident didn’t cause any damage to even the keratin on the kid’s hair, the cow might face lifelong digestion problems due to the impact on its jejunum and lacteal vessels.”

As a result, the cow gets rewarded for its bravery. The milk farm was ensured a donation by the local policemen and other animal attendants.

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