Former J&K governor Jagmohan passes away; PM Modi and Amit Shah tweet condolences

According to news circulated in Hindustan Times, the former president of J&K, Jagmohan, passes away on Monday, May 3, 2021, at 93. The people poured tributes to the man. He has been a respectful governor throughout. He has been a good head in working for safety when Pakistan was terrorizing the land.

The former police chief of J&K, SP Vaid, has called him a fantastic administrator as well. Even Kavinder Gupta, the former deputy chief of J&K, praised his work for J&K. He appreciated his works in the early 90s when terrorism was at its peak. Even BJP’s leader of J&K, Ravinder Raina, has called him “a true soldier of the nation.” His developmental ideas have worked miracles in the union territory.

His developmental ideas:

Jagmohan was a man with the absolute determination to take the UT forward. He made the Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board in 1986. This project gave people a sigh of relief and brought more tourists. Pilgrims could now expect to visit the temple with complete security of life.

His developmental model is something several shrines and temples are studying to increase tourism. His model has taken tourism from 1 million to 10 million in the cave shrine alone. He also drove this spot for the pilgrims at all the national and international levels.

This action made him quite the hero not only in the eyes of his people but in the entire country and even abroad. He saved the lives of pandits of the temple. He further helped the people against terrorism. His ideas did not stop there as he additionally built other developmental structures like the flyovers and various big institutions.

A man respected by all:

Starting from securing and helping out people against terrorism through his new models to helping in the national income from tourism, Jagmohan was a man who made a drastic change in the UT which led it to become less terror derived. He is the person for whom the cave shrine got famous worldwide, and tourists can now visit it without fear. Such a man never dies but lives in the hearts of the people.

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