A third wave seems inevitable; States makes further restrictions

The coronavirus is making new records every day in India. Considering this situation, the West Bengal government announces to cancel all the local trains from Thursday, March 6, 2021. Also, every passenger traveling inside the state, either via flights or local trains, or even buses, must carry negative rtPCR reports. Other restrictions are also implied. The lockdowns are called considering the severe amount of cases and the prediction of a third wave.

Is the third wave near us?

According to the reports from the Indian Express, the principal scientific advisor to the central government, K VijayRaghavan, has warned the citizen of a third wave. The ever-increasing coronavirus infection might be a reason for such an assumption. Raghavan has further mentioned that the exact time for the third wave is yet to be predicted, but it might arrive soon. The recent vaccines are effective against the present variants, but the effectiveness of those vaccines on the new variants is a question. Also, the latest variants might have a higher level of transmission, increasing or decreasing the severity of a disease. Further times will show if the new variants will be more or less infective.

Rules implemented in West Bengal:

Mamata Banerjee won the state elections for the third time. She took the oath for her seat. Soon after her oath, she suggested new rules to be followed and new restrictions to be followed by the state’s people. The state has restricted all the local trains from May 6, 2021. Other government transports and the metro rail are also asked to work with 50% occupancy. From May 7, 2021, all passengers arriving by flight will have to produce negative reports for the coronavirus, and these reports should be maximum of 72 hours old. The same rule is applicable for those traveling via other means of transport as well. There has been a rule implied to offices too, and the CM has advised a workforce of 50%. Banks will also be functional only between 10 am- 2 pm. Let us hope all these rules help to fight the coronavirus in a better way and defeat it too.

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