PUBG arriving back in a new form, Indians celebrate with memes

With the ban of PUBG back in 2020 in India, most of the younger generation was devastated. While some took to sleeping more, others took up to other games give a bit of relief to their painful lockdown being made worse. Some of them even took to web series and shows. Their wait seems to be finally over now. According to a news report in The Indian Express, the South-Korean developer of PUBG, Krafton, has recently announced a new version of the game, “Battleground Mobile India.” Even after there is no exact date of the release, the gamers had their kind of fun time, and several memes are streaming everywhere on all social platforms. It seems like the excitement has gone out of control now.

The previous ban of PUBG:

In the second half of 2020, several apps of Chinese origin got banned in India. PUBG Mobile too fell victim to the circumstances and got a ban notice in September. This followed the development of several same types of games of Indian origin like ScarFall, Shooting Heroes Legend, Swag Shooter, Blood Rivals, Titan Blood, and others. Still, nothing could bit the demand of PUBG. A game called Freefire came to light during the PUBG ban, but it also failed to gain as much public attention as PUBG. Nothing could fulfill the demand of the gamers. But the launch of the Indian version of PUBG has been finally announced. So, it a time of celebration for them.

Features expected from the game:

The features and outfits are promised to be exclusive to meet the expectations of the Indian audience. Even the tournaments and leagues will be something of a new a better kind, thus surprising the gamers around the country. It seems like the Indian parents will be unhappy yet again with their kids being addicted to PUBG on a new level after such a long period of wait. The buzz and hype in social platforms is something of a kind, especially on Twitter.

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