7 kg Uranium possessed illegally at Maharashtra

7 kg Uranium possessed illegally at Maharashtra

The last thing wanted by the country right now is a terrorist attack amidst the pandemic. Right now, Maharashtra is leading the number of cases recorded per day in India. Today they faced another shock when 7 kgs of natural Uranium came into the report, as written by aa.com. The investigation is going on at all levels to determine any connection between the men and the terrorists. Let us hope that it is solely for business purposes or a black market thing rather than the involvement of any terrorist squad with it.

From the police officers:

The police have reported the total weight of the Uranium to be 15.4 pounds. This much of it would be a total of 21.30 crores of Indian rupees, which is equivalent to 2.9 million dollars. Two men from western Maharashtra possessed this Uranium. The Uranium found is natural, as experimented and proved. The Bhabha Atomic Research center reported the radioactive nature of these materials, and thus was the case registered on Wednesday, May 5, 2021. These materials might cause tremendous danger to human beings if mishandled or used as a terror weapon, as further mentioned by the Research center. The seizing of such a massive amount of radioactive substance is not the first time in India. 9 kg of depleted Uranium was seized in 2016 at Thane, Mumbai. This black-market selling of Uranium might result in explosives used by people who want the death of a particular society, thus establishing insanity, terror, and fright in the people’s minds.

The men arrested:

The two men arrested are Jigar Pandya and Abu Tahir. Jigar Pandya was the first person to be trapped by the police for selling the Uranium illegally. Tracing his roots, Abu Tahir was arrested as well for having sold the Uranium to Pandya. As ordered by the local court, these men are to remain with the anti-terrorism squad at least till May 12. They will go through further investigations to find the head or the mastermind behind all of these.

Till then, let us hope that everyone acting against humanity gets caught and punished accordingly. Let us keep our hopes high on the justice-giving system of India.

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