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Pakistan vs. Zimbabwe test series has started yet again. It is the second test, and Pakistan is batting. They had won the toss and chose to bat. It is day 1, season 3 today, May 7, 2021. The match is being played in Harare, Zimbabwe, at the Harare Sports Club. So far, the Pakistan team has scored 264 runs in 87 overs, with four wickets taken by Zimbabwe. Let us keep an eye on the live updates from espncricinfo and sportstar to get the most recent updates. The point after test 1 shows Pakistan leading the series with the first win. Will Zimbabwe take to play well on test 2 and draw, or will Pakistan keep on leading? Only the live match and the score would tell that. 

Stats of the players till now:

Abid Ali is not out with a score of 118 for 244 balls, and Sajid Khan is playing with him right now with zero runs for seven balls. Imran Butt, Azhar Ali, Babar Azam, and Fawad Alam are already out of the game. Imran Butt was caught out after scoring two runs for 20 balls; Azhar Ali and Babar Azam were also caught out after scoring 126 for 240 and 2 for 8. Fawad Alam, on the other hand, got bowled out at five runs for 12 balls. Mohammad Rizwan, Hassan Ali, Shaheen Afridi, Tabish Khan and Nauman Ali are yet to bat.


Let us take an eye on the T201s and see what the Times of India has to say. Pakistan had replaced Shadab Khan with Mazid Mamood due to his toe injury for the T201 series against Zimbabwe and South Africa. Shadab got the injury in his second ODI against South Africa. Fakhar Zaman has also got the chance for the series against Zimbabwe and South Africa. Let us see if Pakistan makes a victory against Zimbabwe in the entire series of the T201s. 

The pitch of the battlefield (stadium):

According to, a total of 134 ODIs and 25 T201s have been played in the stadium. While the ODIs favor the ones batting second, thus ensuring a better pitch for the bowlers, especially the spinners, The T201s have favored the batsmen, with the first battling teams winning most of the matches. This time, Pakistan is the first to bat, so let us see if the predictions work here.  

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