Kannada TV9 Live: Karnataka full lockdown from May 10 for 14 days

According to a report from livemint.com, the Karnataka government has warned people of a full-fledged lockdown if they hesitate to cooperate with the government and follow the COVID protocols. Previously, the government had set up the plan for a Janata Curfew from April 27, 2021, to May 12, 2021. This curfew and the rules are still prevailing, but the people might not have taken it seriously. The people of Karnataka seem to be ignorant of the conditions in the entire nation and the deaths and infections recorded per day. They seem to deny following and standing by the government in fighting the second wave of the pandemic.

Notice by the CM:

The Chief Minister of Karnataka, B. S. Yediyurappa, showed how anxious he is about the conditions prevailing in the country. He has strictly said that the people of his state are not abiding by the “Janata Curfew” rules. This violation is thus making situations worse. If the infection rate still fails to decrease after the curfew, the state might have to go through a complete lockdown. Such a lockdown might affect the state’s economy, and several people might lose their source of income, but that would be the only way to save thousands of lives if the people hesitate to follow the easy ways shown right now. The CM delivered the speech to the reporters at the Annamma Devi Temple on Friday, May 7, 2021.


If the people cooperate with the government by wearing masks and maintaining social distance, the government might not think of a harsh way to lesson the COVID cases. The present curfew allows 50% of staff at a workplace and imposes other restrictions to be followed while maintaining the well-known COVID protocols. And this might be on if people start following the rules.

Other actions decided by the government:

Looking at the number of cases rising daily (about 50 thousand) and considering the totals number of about 5.5 lakhs of active cases, the government has planned to fix the price of CT-scans for 1500 rupees and X-rays for 250 rupees at the private hospitals and laboratories. If any hospital violates the rule and charges high rates, the consequences they would face would not be in their favor. So, this is the time for the government, the healthcare centers and the people to work hand-in-hand and fight the pandemic.

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