World Red Cross Day 2021: ‘Long live peace and humanity’

World Red Cross Day 2021
World Red Cross Day 2021

The World Red Cross Day theme, 2021, is “Together we are unstoppable.” Every year, the day is celebrated on May 8 to mark the birth anniversary of the founder of the ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross), Henry Dunant. He was also a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. The Red Cross Society celebrates the day worldwide to spread the message of peace and humanity across the globe. The humanitarian missions started by Henry Dunant are appreciated all day with an oath to continue the great work. This society even works to provide help and food during natural disasters, wars, and other types of suddenness that change livelihood for the people. 

World Red Cross Day 2021: History and principles behind the day:

 The day was first celebrated in 1948 after proposing in 1946. This day came to be known as the “World Red Cross Day” or the “Red Crescent Day” in 1984. Previously both the names were jointly used, making it the “World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day.” 

The day is based on the Red Cross Group’s principles that work to spread equality and neutrality and works for erasing the sorrow amongst the population. The group also promises to help every individual in need, irrespective of their caste, religion, origin, nationalism, or anything else. The aim is to serve human beings without differentiating amongst them. 

The selflessness of the organization:

The Red Cross committee works without caring about themselves. From donating blood to providing food, they can be found everywhere. Other community works have also had their hands in them. The significant uniqueness of the group is in its ability to provide recent help without waiting for any additional help. They are a vast group of people from all types of working fields, thus ensuring helping hands in every situation that needs help. The diversity of all kinds amongst the group and their selfless works are celebrated worldwide.

This group has shown that humanity is still alive amidst all the consequences and all the evil in this world. 

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