PM of Nepal loses trust vote in Parliament; secures only 93 votes

Khadga Prasad Sharma Oli is also known as the first elected PM of Nepal after the country’s new constitution was formed. He had spent 14 years in jail after being accused of going against the then monarchy, which was later abolished. But is the Prime Minister losing his place? According to a report from, PM KP Sharma Oli lost the trust vote in parliament. The news went viral as soon as it was out. A special session was assembled as directed by the president, Bidya Devi Bhandari. Mr. Oli is known to secure only 93 votes, thus losing the session. 

The number of votes required to win:

Mr. Oli had to win a minimum of 136 votes. The house of representatives consisted of 275 members during the casting of the votes. Four members of the lower house of the parliament were under suspension, thus leading to such an equation for casting votes. One hundred twenty-four members were against the motion and therefore cast their votes accordingly, while 93 of the others cast against the motion. The rest of the 15 members stayed neutral. The Prime Minister thus lost the vote of confidence as stated by the Speaker, Mr. Agni Sapkota. The session was essential and was therefore attended by lawmakers as well. As recorded, there were 232 lawmakers to witness the session. The session thus marked the defeat of the leader of the biggest communist party in the Himalayan region.

The removal of the Prime Minister:

Mr. Oli had joined politics at a very young age as a student activist as reported by He had fought against the monarch for several years and had finally got the fruits of his labor after becoming the Prime Minister of Nepal. He secured his position for one second time in 2018. Recently, there has been a bit of unrest inside the parliament. Pushpakamal Dahal and the entire CPN had withdrawn their support to the Oli-led government completely. Thus, it was time for Mr. Oli to strengthen his position in the parliament, and so was the vote conducted. The cast of votes had something else to say; it acted against the PM. Article 100(3) of Nepal states such a situation to be very much against a PM. The PM should give up his post after losing the trust votes. Thus, Mr. Oli lost his position on May 10, 2021. 

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