Bharat Biotech invites other companies for Covaxin production

According to the Times of India, the Indian government has officially declared the production of over 2 billion vaccines from August to December.

The country has been in a very difficult situation. With the cases been always over 3.5 lakhs for the last few weeks, the government bodies and the healthcare system have been trying all measures to bring the situation under control but without many positive outcomes. Recently, several states of India have been under a lockdown or social curfew. Few states have received sufficient oxygen and vaccines while others are still waiting for the same. In such a situation, the declaration of more vaccines is a boon to people waiting desperately to get vaccinated.

Predictions regarding the vaccines:

The new vaccine policy has been made to meet the never-ending demands of the states with so much population to save and so many deaths each day.  The government has also declared that other companies which want to manufacture Covaxin will be most welcomed. Debates have started on this matter since most companies and laboratories do not have enough facilities for making the vaccine and the guarantee of the vaccine being made properly and efficiently will be something under question. Other vaccines manufactured in other countries and having FDA and WHO approval will be allowed for import in our country. Further reports have stated that no vaccine import license is pending right now in India and the proper vaccines will be given the license on time, in near future.

 How has India been doing so far?

35.6 crores of vaccine doses have been supplied to the states by the Central Government so far. 16 crores more will be directly purchased by the State Governments. The age group of 45 and above have faced death so far; the recent updates have shown that one-third of this population has already been vaccinated and thus is declared safe. India now stands with a total of 2,37,03,665 recorded cases so far; 3.6 lakh cases being recorded in the last 24 hours. Let us hope that the new making and receiving of vaccines will reduce the difficulties in facing the situation. As of now, let us get vaccinated and let us follow the COVID protocols to stay safe during the pandemic.

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