India drops plasma therapy for COVID patients

India drops plasma therapy for COVID patients

According to India Today, the government has dropped the much-practiced plasma therapy for COVID patients. The treatment was very popular until now. The new direction by the government has already been made official for our country. Most citizens are shocked by this further notice. The treatment has been under a lot of questioning and debates after being used in a few cases. So, what caused this sudden stop in the treatment? What made India remove the medicine from the clinical management guidelines against COVID? The reasons, of course, are scientific and in favor of the newly made protocols.

The reason behind COVID plasma drop:

There had been a non-scientific use of plasma throughout, as reported by scientists and clinicians. Plasma binding was also reported in several cases due to which the attendants of the COVID patients had to face a lot of harassment. The misuse or non-scientific use of the plasma has also led to different variants of the SARS-CoV-2, which are more resistant to neutralizing antibodies. All of these led to several debates, studies, and controversies regarding the same. Finally, research has proven that there is no positive outcome from plasma therapy against the disease; it neither decreases the period of infection nor helps decrease the infection rate.

Previous developments:

The ICMR had previously changed the COVID guidelines and has instructed to use plasma therapy only for moderate patients and not for anybody who has been infected for more than a week. It was seen in several cases that doctors prescribed the therapy for patients in critical conditions. This never gave any positive outcomes whatsoever. Thus, a final decision has been taken to remove the therapy as a possible treatment against the COVID. This will save the costs of treatment and help the doctors to find a better treatment that will be helpful for the one suffering from COVID.

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