Is the black fungus a new epidemic in India

According to India Today, the Rajasthan government has already declared Mucormycosis as a new epidemic. This might be a very bad ne2ws for the entire country since almost all states are facing higher cases of the black fungal attack after recovering from COVID. This is resulting in the removal of one or both eyes for several individuals. The country has been threatened to hell in this second wave of the coronavirus pandemic. Maharashtra, UP, Uttarakhand, Haryana, and Gujarat are also facing a rise in the number of cases of the attack of the black fungus.

The Cases of the black fungus:

The cases are rising each day, and Rajasthan has recorded 100 cases of the black fungus since the beginning of the second COVID wave. The black fungus is caused by a group of molds known as the Mucormycetes. These molds enter through the nose and spread to the other parts of the body. The state has been too shocked regarding the virus, and thus the government has issued a notification calling the black fungus an epidemic. The Rajasthan has already developed a separate ward at the Sawai Man Singh hospital of Jaipur for the sole treatment of the virus. In other hospitals of different states, there have been reported cases of the black fungus infecting COVID survivors.

What helps the black fungus to attack?

The black fungus has always been present in different parts of the environment but has never been reported this highly due to the immunological system of an individual. There have been a few cases before where the fungus has attacked a patient with a damaged immunological system, but since the onset of the pandemic, the situation has taken different turns. Patients recovering from the COVID are huge in number, and they require quite a few months to recover to their normal health. The other organs of the body are also getting affected by the viral entry and the use of steroids and other medicines. All these together lead to a weak immune system that cannot fight the fungus after being already tired and exhausted from fighting the coronavirus. This helps the fungus enter the body and create havoc damage, leading to losing their eyesight after reporting the case too late. Thus, any type of pain in the eyes and blood in the nose’s mucus needs to be urgently reported to the doctors for a better and early treatment which might include lakhs of rupees but the saving of the eyesight or even losing it but saving the lives of the people.

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