Yellow Fungus Cases Reported In India, It Can Prove More Dangerous Than Black, White Fungus

UP has recently reported cases of yellow fungus, and to the shock of the Indians, it is deadlier than both the black and the white fungus. 

Both the black and the white fungus cases are rising due to unsanitary conditions all around, which gives feeding grounds for these environmental molds to grow and divide. Also, the patients’ immunity is lowered after COVID, which helps the molds enter the body without much hazard. India has already reported 8000 black and white fungus cases when the yellow fungus has already entered the show. The black fungus is already put under severe research and study and has been declared an epidemic. Now, the countrymen are shattered and have almost lost all hope.

The deadliness of the yellow fungus:

The other two fungi, the black and the white, could cause damage that was visible more or less. On the other hand, the yellow fungus starts off by creating internal damage, as reported by the Times of India. The mold creates pus leakage as its first action. It then slows down the process of wound healing by the body and slowly attacks all the organs. It finally leads to acute necrosis and organ failure resulting in death. The healthcare professionals requested people to observe the symptoms and report any change in the patient for a better and early treatment of the fungus.

The number of cases:

The first case has been reported at Ghaziabad of Uttar Pradesh. There is still a lack of proper information about the treatment of such cases, but there are warnings from medical professionals. The healthcare department has warned everybody against a dirty and unsanitary environment. Cleanliness and proper hygiene are the only ways to remain safe, not just against all the three types of fungi but also the coronavirus. Let us all fight against the virus and the fungi by maintaining a clean and healthy atmosphere around us.

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