‘What are your plans to stop the Taliban from acquiring nuclear weapons’: US lawmakers ask Biden

What are your plans to stop the Taliban from acquiring nuclear weapons: US lawmakers to Biden

The whole world is in huge turmoil after witnessing the Taliban-Afghanistan crisis. A group of US lawmakers demanded that President Joe Biden should answer all the critical questions on what happened in Afghanistan. Also, what are his plans to ensure that the Taliban do not acquire nuclear weapons? US lawmakers wrote several questions in a letter addressed to Biden on Wednesday.

They wanted to know about his preparation to support regional allies in this whole scenario. Also, they urged Biden to assure the public that the Taliban do not destabilize its nuclear neighbor Pakistan. Everybody is in utter shock as the Taliban took over Afghanistan with astonishing speed.

The situation in Afghanistan has rapidly “metastasized” into Taliban rule. Innocent people had to suffer a lot. They became homeless. The safety of girls and women is nowhere on the list. They said that the ill-treatment of girls and women has surged in the past few weeks.

Consequences of US withdrawal from Afghanistan

The consequences of US withdrawal from Afghanistan are not isolated to that country or even to the Middle East region. According to the lawmakers, the strategic consequences will reverberate for decades.

They wrote, “Dealing with these consequences means that we must take action now to chart the course for American strategy while we manage the immediate consequences of this self-imposed crisis in Afghanistan.” And, to this end, they asked him to outline what his plans are to move America forward”.

Taliban will give carte blanche to AI Qaida and ISIS-K

Intelligence Community has warned that the Taliban will give AI Qaida and ISIS-K authority to use Afghanistan as a secure haven to coach for future terrorist attacks against the US. The lawmakers wrote several questions on this, like, What is your strategy to make sure that AI Qaida doesn’t resurge and regain a foothold in Afghanistan? What ‘over the horizon’ operations are you ready to use to counter this threat?