US General Mark Milley On Taliban, ‘They failed to honour the Doha accord’

There were certain conditions under the Doha agreement which applied to both the United States and Afghanistan. A top American military general told the lawmakers that the prime outfit of Afghanistan has still not renounced Al-Qaeda.

General Mark Milley, Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, told members of the Senate Armed Services Committee that under the Doha Agreement, the U.S. began to withdraw its forces contingent upon the Taliban meeting certain conditions which would further lead to a government accord between the Taliban and the government of Afghanistan.

According to the agreement, there was a total of fifteen conditions, among which the seven conditions applied to the Taliban and eight conditions applied to the United States.
He further added that while the Taliban did not attack the U.S. forces, which was one of the underlined conditions of the agreement. The Taliban certainly failed to honor any other condition under the agreement fully. The most important condition was that the Taliban had not renounced Al-Qaeda or broke their ties with them. This condition was the most important for U.S. national security.

The official noted that the United States has adhered to every condition. Milley said that it is certainly very clear that the war in Afghanistan did not end on the United States’ terms. He asserted that the Taliban was and remains a terrorist organization in the present time. It is a question of whether or not the Taliban can blend power or if the country will further disintegrate into a civil war. But they have the responsibility to protect the United States and its people. Al-Qaeda or ISIS having the aspirations to attack the U.S. is still a major possibility.

General Milley said this mission would be much harder, but it is not impossible. He responded to a question of PTI, saying that he believes Al-Qaeda is in Afghanistan and that the Taliban have aspirations to reconstitute with Al-Qaeda. If the Taliban develops the capability, then they might have the aspirations to strike. The time is too early to determine the Taliban’s capability, but Al-Qaeda is in a state of war with the United States.

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