South Korea to lift quarantine for fully vaccinated residents

South Korea to lift quarantine for fully vaccinated residents
Prime Minister of South Korea, Kim Boo-Kyum

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For the initial stages of returning to normalcy, the Prime Minister of South Korea, Kim Boo-Kyum, said in a government-private sector meeting that easing the quarantine measures will only apply to the people who are fully vaccinated. He said these words while drafting the rules for normalcy.

Because the South Korea vaccination rate of fully vaccinated people will reach 70% by tomorrow, i.e., Saturday, October 23, 2021, the PM stressed returning to normalcy. He said that because they have still not taken a path back to normalcy, they will look into the experiences of the other countries. This is a step-by-step procedure that can be done only with hope and not relieving unconditionally. In the initial stages, quarantine systems will be relaxed, focusing on fully vaccinated people.

South Korea: Measures kept and lifted

On Friday, Health authorities hinted at some of the points to return to normalcy. First, the restricted operating hours of restaurants and cafes will be reduced in November. PM said that the businesses hit hard due to the pandemic will benefit from the ease in Covid-19 restrictions. The health authorities are expected to announce the plan of administrating the booster shots next week for those who have received the Moderna or Janssen vaccine. South Korea follows the United States Food and Drug Administration’s decision to authorize booster jabs for the two vaccines.

Government’s vaccine pass system

The government will introduce a vaccine pass system with a negative confirmation certificate to prevent infection, but the basic rules like wearing masks will remain unchanged. The quarantine officials said they have classified the multi-use facilities into three groups based on the risk of infection and will start easing the quarantine measures from Group 3, which has the lowest risk of spreading the Covid-19 virus. Group 1 includes some entertainment facilities, including dance halls, and group 2 contains restaurants, cafes, bathhouses, karaoke rooms, and indoor sports facilities. And, group 3 comprises movie houses, academics, wedding and funeral halls, amusement parks, performance halls, and study cafes. More details about the government normalcy will be released next week.


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