White House says U.S. will not lock down amid Huge COVID surge in Europe

White House says U.S. will not lock down amid Huge COVID surge in Europe

The Biden administration will not impose any lockdown amid a big surge in Covid-19 cases in Europe, reports CNBC.com.
White House coronavirus director Jeff Zients said to the media Monday.

“We can curb the spread of the virus without having to in any way shut down our economy.” He said. “We have 82% of people now with one shot and more and more people getting vaccinated each week.” Zients added.

According to the World Health Organization, the United States lists no. 1 for active corona cases. India comes second, and the United Kingdom stands third. Still, Europe seems to be the epicenter of alarming cases and concern for world experts. If strict measures are not taken, the death toll might be very high in the coming months.


Europe reported 44,242 new cases Friday. It went even higher Monday with 44,434 cases. The soaring number of cases and subsequent deaths are worrisome for the entire world.  Even though Europe stands third in the ranking for corona cases, the tension and worry are more for the US and India.

Threatening conditions in Europe

WHO is worried about the sudden surge of cases from November. The tension specifically for the United Kingdom gives us an outlook on the situation.
The number of cases in the UK, comparatively, might be less per million, but unlike in the US and India, the mortality rate of the people is quite high. This gives the death toll in the country a much higher ratio than in any other nation. The doctors and scientists show concern about this aspect and urge people to strictly follow the corona protocols.

Reason for the hover of Corona in Europe

The troublesome rise of coronavirus cases in Europe has been due to two significant reasons.

1. Unvaccinated pockets of people

The delta variant holds a big threat for people with weak immunity. Old people, treated cancer patients, drug addicts are some sections of people who will likely be more affected by this corona variant.
The unvaccinated pockets of people are said to be responsible for this sudden upsurge in the cases. Insufficient vaccine coverage in countries like Bulgaria and Russia can increase the already soaring numbers of cases.
The resistance to vaccination by counting it as futile is not a good measure. The vaccination coverage can only help us to pull through from this pandemic.

2. Neglecting corona protocols

Social distancing and wearing masks are two major precautions prescribed. The rules and regulations need to be strictly followed. But still, people have rendered to ignore the current situation. The pandemic on the loose seems to have slipped off the public’s mind. This might end up in horrific scenarios and death tolls worldwide.


The pandemic has still groped us and the virus hasn’t got easy on us. The death tolls reveal that delta variants need booster shots to empower our successful vaccines.

The precautions prescribed are necessary for the well-being of not only us but the public in general.
Austria, the Czech Republic, India, and many others have announced restrictions for unvaccinated people. This might also help in making people go for vaccination.

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