Taylor Swift’s ‘All Too Well’ has gone ‘Too Well’ for the fans as well

Taylor's 'All too Well'

Taylor Swift is a celebrated icon. Her re-recorded hit ‘All to Well’ has been trending all over social media. The short film featuring Sadie Sink, Dylan O’ Brien, and Taylor Swift had many fans rolling with excitement.
The song ‘All too Well’ was rumored to be about her relationship with Jake Gyllenhal. The pair dated from October 2010 to 2011. Paparazzi clicked them together on several occasions. The song’s breakdown concludes the rumors to be true.

Easter Eggs in the short film

‘All to Well’ was released on November 12, 2021, in the form of a short film. The song bated her hard-core fans and drew appreciation for her impeccable songwriting. The song left many Easter eggs in the video for the fans.
The song featured Sadie Sink and Dylan O’ Brien, who have a big age gap similar to the real-life Taylor and Jake Gyllenhal at the time of their dating. The short film also had Dylan’s character matching the style statement of Jake Gyllenhal, the same check shirts, and baggy jackets. The actress on the other hand had Taylor’s classic red lipstick with matching fashion.
The video pointed out many instances or scenes that were identical to the photos of the couple in clicked pictures.
The song’s lyrics also remarked on Jake’s dating young girls
“I grow older but your lovers stay the same age”
The song was written and directed by herself. She sparked many trends after the song’s release. Many tiktockers and Instagram reels can be seen with her fans asking Jake to return her infamous red scarf.

Trends featuring ‘All to Well’

The short film featured many infamous things that Taylor Swift had referred to in her songs. The locket seen on many occasions in the video is ready for sale. The blue book is also on sale as a journal on Taylor’s website. eBay has seen a rise in the sale of the red scarf, all thanks to Taylor and her song.


The song had a Mercedes which had 1980 at its back giving us a glimpse of her upcoming release. Taylor Swift on Jimmy Fallon’s show remarked falling in a rabbit hole, indicating that there is more to come by her.

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