Free Wi-Fi to be available all over the world soon

News is that a free global Wi-Fi service from outer space will be a reality very soon. A US company is reported to be planning to build an ‘Outernet’ which will be a global network of satellites that broadcast internet data on earth for free to everyone.

free wifi

The New York based non-profit organization , MDIF (Media Development Investment Fund) had proposed to build and launch hundreds of cube satellites which will allow anyone with PC or phone to access Internet via the satellites.

The organization says that still 40% of the people are not able to connect to internet due to the high cost of bringing service to remote areas. An Outernet would benefit even people from remote islands or villages in Africa and Siberia to get the same news as those in New York or Tokyo.

The Outernet would allow data to flow from feeders to the satellites which would be broadcast to all. As soon as funds are available, MDIF plans to add the transmission ability also.

The DNA India quoted MDIF CEO Harlan Mandel as saying, “We are excited to incubate such a revolutionary project. Outernet will bypass censorship, ensure privacy and offer worldwide access to information to everyone, including those who today are beyond the geographic reach of the internet or can’t afford it.”

“Outernet is the modern version of shortwave radio,” said founder Mr. Karim. “It uses leading-edge technology to address a deep social problem. As the world moves towards a global knowledge-driven economy, more than 3 billion people are excluded by cost, geography or jurisdiction.

Outernet will increase opportunities for everyone to access digital news and information, allowing greater access to opportunity and education than anything that currently exists.”

The cost ofcourse is no less as MDIF estimates the satellites to typically cost from $100,000 to $300,000 to build and launch. The initial cube satellites are being planned to be deployed as early as next summer.