Ava White: 12-year-old girl stabbed to death in Liverpool

Ava White :12-year-old girl stabbed to death in Liverpool

A 12-year-old girl got stabbed in Liverpool after arguing with some teenage boys, and later she died from stab wounds in Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, reported CNN.

Ava White, the victim, was returning from church with her friends on her way home; she had a “verbal argument” with a group of boys. After some time, a boy from the group stabbed Ava, and she collapsed to the ground. A witness said after seeing the incident, she hurried to Ava and started giving her first aid. She said that the group of boys “run-up School Lane across Hanover Street and on to Fleet Street.”

Officers were notified of the assault at 8:39 PM. the police and paramedic arrived at the scene and took Ava to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital. A short time later, she died in hospital.

Ava White murder investigation


An investigation was launched following Ava’s murder. Police couldn’t catch the group of boys responsible on the spot, but later they were caught. Four boys – one aged 13, two aged 14, and one aged 15, all from the Toxteth area of Liverpool – had been arrested on suspicion of murder, Merseyside police said.

Ava white was a “trendy” girl in school. She went to Notre Dame Catholic college in Everton. Her headteacher described her as “a much-loved, valued and unique member of the Notre Dame family. She was a trendy girl with a fantastic group of friends.”
“Our deepest thoughts and prayers go out to Ava’s family and friends and all those affected by this utterly tragic event. My staff is working with students to provide all the support they need at this traumatic time.”

Ava’s former school head also paid tribute to Ava’s death. A memorial has been placed on the place of Ava’s death so people can show their respect. Many children were seen dropping balloons and flowers on the monument. A 17-year-old girl described Ava as “just a bubbly character, so loving and caring.

She came out with her friends to enjoy herself, and I think it’s just wrong that this has happened.”
The recent incident has made parents and children more concerned about street safety. Safia Robinson, 16, said she had heard about the attack from a teacher at sixth-form college. “It’s concerning because it was a little kid. It makes you feel less safe; it doesn’t make me want to go out at night,” she said.

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