Live Updates: Tornadoes rip through Kentucky, five other US states, 80 dead

tornadoes hit US states

The catastrophic tornadoes caused havoc while eroding properties and people through six States in the US, killing more than 80 people. The toll could reportedly go up to 100.

More than 30 tornadoes have been reported in at least US six states, including Missouri, Tennessee, and Mississippi, reports CNN.

The rare December tornadoes have been said to go down as the most devastating and ruinous in history. Mayfield, Kentucky bears the heavy casualties of the winds because the Enhanced Fujita Scale of Mayfield tornado was EF3 or EF5.

The surprising part was that tornadoes came in December because they usually sprang up in late spring or early summers.
Also, the tornadoes made space in the list of longest-tracked tornadoes by traveling 250 miles.

Governor Andy Beshear tweeted, “We’ve just received some good news, Kentucky. @POTUS has approved an emergency declaration for the commonwealth, ordering federal assistance to help with local response efforts. Thank you @POTUS. Biden for your commitment to helping our people recover.”

The Afflicted US cities hit by tornadoes

Tennessee, Arkansas, Illinois, and Kentucky count up to be the worst hit by the twisters.

The casualties and life loss are the most in the listed cities.
Mayfield consumer products candle factory sheltered some employees as winds raced at 70mph.
For now, 40 people have been rescued out of the expected 110 people in the building at the time.

On Friday, the news came that the Illinois warehouse sheltered 100 Amazon workers but six of them lost their lives due to the tornado.

The twisters hit the nursing home in Arkansas and the lakeside vacationers in Tennessee.
Dozens of deaths have been reported alone in Kentucky while debris and ruins scatter in the city.

Meanwhile, Rescue operations are going on, and search for lost people or expected to be in a demolished construction have been taken up by the authorities.

Most Devastating tragedy considered by Government officials

Andy Beshear, the Kentucky Governor viewed the rare tornadoes and the followed casualties as ‘Most Devasting’

He continued…
“The level of devastation is unlike anything I’ve ever seen, You see parts of industrial buildings’ roofs or sidings in trees if trees are lucky enough to stand. Huge metal poles bent in half, if not broken. Buildings that are no longer there. Huge trucks that have been picked up and thrown. And sadly, far too many homes that people were likely in, entirely devastated”

Joe Biden in his press conference on Saturday in Wilmington, Delaware issued his statement upon the tragedy.

He stated
“The federal government will do everything it can possibly do to help”
The Federal Emergency Management Agency as per his words is on the ground on the affected and damaged 6 States.

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