3 Most Disturbing Rare Mental Disorders, Including Ekbom Syndrome That Will Blow Your Mind

Rare Mental Disorders

The human brain is the epitome of extraordinary. Its functions and abundant importance are undebatable.
This vital organ comes with our interpretation of touch, visuals, voices, and taste. Human existence and functionality are contributed to the brain.
The psychology of approximately 860 billion neurons functioning in the brain is a vast subject. Some aspects of the subject can be grasped, while some remain an utter mystery.
We will be talking about three mysterious mental illnesses that are so terrifying but thankfully rare.

Ekbom Syndrome

This is a terrifying disorder. In this, a suffering patient feels that he or she is invested with the tiny parasitic organism.
This illness can be either a hallucination or a deviant belief. The patients feel a prickling and crawling sensation, and then they accommodate to their belief by scratching or even digging their skin to remove pathogens off their skin.

Capgras Delusion

A case study on this delusion cites a mother who was convinced that her nine-year-old daughter is a doppelganger of her real daughter and that she has been replaced.
The Capgras delusion is a disorder in which patients believe that an imposter has replaced their loved one. Subjective to their belief, the patient grows to become hostile toward the person, especially if they live together.

Cotard delusion

This mental disorder is the most disturbing among all. This disorder leads to the patient hallucinating that he or she is dead and sometimes even decomposing in the worst case.
The case study on this disorder records patient smelling their own rotting flesh or having no desire to eat or sleep as they are already dead.


Any mental illness contributes to the patient’s pain and suffering. Whether it’s anxiety or stress, the paranoia and tension from these disorders disrupt the patients’ life and their families.
We should be cautious and severe about mental disorders and consult for help for others and ourselves.

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