Google celebrates Women’s Day 2014 with video doodle

The latest doodle by Google is seen celebrating the Women’s Day in 2014 through a video. The video in the doodle is being seen across the world on Google’s home page from March 07, 2014 in celebration of International Women’s Daydoodle.

The Google logo has the third character of ‘O’ placed differently in the shape of Venus symbol that signifies a woman (a circle with a cross below) . The whole logo is also surrounded by many Venus symbols.

The main logo also has as a play button in the Venus symbol which opens the video on hitting. The video also has forward, backward, pause and sound buttons which help the viewer in revisiting the previous personality, forwarding the video or muting it.

It depicts women from different walks of life wishing people “Happy International Women’s Day” in their respective languages. While some of them just smile, a cute little girl is seen just blabbering in no particular language. You can also hear the muppet ‘Chamki’ of “Gali Gali Sim Sim” (Indian version of “Sesame Street”) wishing Happy Women’s day in Hindi. The video also features famous personalities like Malala Yousafzai and singer Asha Bhonsle.
Here’s wishing a Happy International Women’s day to you.