UAE Puts A Travel Ban On Its Unvaccinated Citizens

Uae Puts A Travel Ban On Its Unvaccinated Citizens
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Amid the Omicron frenzy, the United Arab Emirates has taken some strict measures to halt the rapid spread in the country right now.
The United Arab Emirates has banned travelling for the UAE city that is not vaccinated against Covid-19 starting from January 10. Furthermore, The National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority of the UAE in the announcement added, in order to travel even the vaccinated citizens, are further required to jab the booster dose as per the country’s Covid protocol.

Increasing cases in the United Arab Emirates

The contagious Omicron virus has made its way to the Middle East and led to a soaring number of Covid cases in the United Arab Emirates.
On Saturday, the UAE reported 2,556 fresh Covid-19 cases in the previous 24 hours, taking the cumulative infections to 764,493. Moreover, according to the ministry of health and prevention. The ministry reported one virus-related death, taking the country’s death toll at 2,165. The new variant of concern causing breakthrough infections has already led to the cancellation of hundreds of flights across the globe to avoid any increase in the Covid-19 cases. The travel ban has been announced because of the steeping rise in Covid-19 cases, in the US and Europe.

The strict Covid-19 protocols are driven by Omicron

“Ban on Travel on UAE citizens unvaccinated with #Covid19 vaccine, starting Jan 10, 2022, with a requirement to obtain the booster dose for the fully vaccinated,” the official handle of The National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority posted on Twitter.
It further added, “With an exemption for medically exempted from taking the vaccine, humanitarian causes, and treatment cases.” Still, individuals medically exempted from taking the Covid-19 vaccine, humanitarian causes, and those traveling for medical and treatment purposes will be allowed by the Arab Nations. Furthermore, the vaccination protocols have become more strict as booster jabs have been made compulsory for traveling anywhere for UAE citizens.

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