NASA Confirms Asteroid 30X Powerful Than Mankind’s Largest Nuclear Bomb To Zoom Past Earth

NASA Confirms Asteroid 30x Powerful Than Mankind's Largest Nuclear Bomb To Zoom Past Earth
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An asteroid bigger than the Empire building will be crossing closely from the Earth this year. The asteroid is named after the Greek word Apophis by the Russians. According to Egyptian Mythologies, Apep or Apophis in Greek was a deity who was the embodiment of chaos.

The event will be marked in history because it would be the first time an asteroid of such massive size will zoom past the Earth.

When will the Rock of chaos pass the Earth, and why is it so remarkable?

NASA agency is calling the asteroid crossing an opportunity to study a “solar system relic,” for it’ll be extremely close to Earth in 2029.
Earlier, it was believed that Apophis was slated to smash into Earth in 2068, but that turned out to be an incorrect estimate(thankfully!)

To talk about the speciality of the asteroid is its enormous size which is bigger than any other asteroid that has zoomed past the Earth before. The asteroid has a diameter of about 1,115 feet and a hazardous speed of 43,754 miles per hour.

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Can the asteroid crash into our Earth?

Apophis was first spotted by NASA scientists in 2004, who described it as one of the “most hazardous asteroids” that could really put Earth in danger due to its massive size and speed.

But the Rock of chaos was taken off NASA’s risk list in March as it would be 39,000 kilometres away from Earth’s surface so much so that even satellites and space stations appear to be safe from impact, according to South China Morning Post.

But if the asteroid crashed into Earth, Russian ministry’s researchers believe it would release energy equal to 1,717 megatons. This equates the collision to be 30 times more powerful than the tested largest bomb detonated Soviet Tsar Bomba in 1961.

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