TitanEyeX Smart Glasses Launched With Open Ear Speakers And Touch Controls

The New TitanEyeX

TitanEyeX laced with new smart features has entered the market. These new smart glasses have remarkable features and the prices are also reasonable. They would be available for shipping from the website from Monday. Though, launches of Smart glasses always attract media coverage. Moreover, the big tech companies such as Apple and Google coming up with innovations awaiting broader commercial use make the gadget more interesting.

Titan Eye Plus launched EyeX smart spectacles in India

Titan Company Limited in 2007 launched a company to focus on eyewear. Titan is a joint venture owned by the Tata Group and the Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation that began with watches and added jewellery in due course of time to its brand offerings.

The EyeX features include open-ear speakers with TWS functionality

The wearable device is compatible with both iOS and Android devices connecting via Bluetooth v5. Its IPS4-rated for dust and water resistance and is also capable of warning wearers of enhanced screen time usage with the touch-based controls making it easier to control music play, skip, pause etc… The smart glasses claims a battery life of up to eight hours between two charges powered by a Qualcomm processor.

The open-ear speakers provide voice-based navigation and can also be used for sharing in-ear pop-ups. Furthermore, TitanPlus EyeX smart glasses features open-ear speakers with TWS functionality, making them a great wearable option for the outdoors. The company claims that this pair of wearables comes with clear voice capture (CVC) technology that enhances voice quality and provides dynamic volume control that auto-adjusts to the ambient noise.

The in-built fitness tracking system offers several features such as calorie count, steps and distance measurement using a pedometer embedded in it. The best function includes an in-built tracker to locate the spectacle.

The Reasonable price of TitanEyeX

The Titan EyeX smart glasses are priced between Rs.9,999 and Rs.11,198 for the single colour variant and can be purchased either from the official website or through Titan Eye Plus retail stores.
The smart glasses would start shipping from January 10 as per the website. The big launch in India has been said to create a buzz for tech lovers and may prove as a new trend.

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