America Can See Its Peak In Omicron Cases Soon

America Can See Its Peak In Omicron Cases Soon
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According to the public health experts of Virginia and Maryland, the surge in daily COVID cases may reach its peak soon in the United States Of America. 

Peak in the cases as said by experts

The health expert, Neil J. Sehgal who is an assistant professor of health policy and management at the University of Maryland School of Public Health says that the peak in the cases may arrive soon, probably by the next week. But they also indicated the possible increase in the number of patients in the hospitals, lack of indications of corona symptoms that would remain climbing for a week.

“Many of us forecast that we would be in our peak in the region by about the third week of January, and that’s probably still reasonable,” Sehgal said. The words of CEO of Maryland Hospital Association Bob Atlas were “Occupancy of adult acute care and ICU beds in Maryland hospitals is averaging 94 percent, meaning that hospitals are virtually full”.

Cases in the past few days

The number of new cases and deaths reported only in the past month were 630,000 and 2,056 respectively in Maryland and Virginia. This has prompted D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D) and the governors of both Virginia and Maryland to declare the emergency state. In the last month, there were over 90,000 new cases and about 842deaths. The hospitalizations are increasing at an alarming rate. This has drained the number of staff, hospital resources all across the Washington region. About 8,661 people are hospitalized with covid-19 only here. 

Words of experts

The assistant chief administrative officer Earl Stoddard said that the County leaders are asking the government to arrange the helping hands from the National Guard. So that they would help the schools by driving their buses to bring children to the schools. Because about 82 buses which were moving on 1220 routes were canceled last week due to the drivers shortage.

Random testing

A county spokesman, Ryan Hudson said that they are trying to set up a drive-thru testing site by the end of January. Hudson is encouraging citizens to get themselves tested through their health providers or nearby private pharmacists. He said,” We encourage folks if they have symptoms and they think that they might have covid, to act like it.” The officers in Maryland said that among the total affected people hospitalized, about seventy-five percent are still unvaccinated.

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