Know How This Professional Queuer Earns $160 In A Day!

Photo by Konstantin-Khrustov from Pexels

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Everyone has once in a while encountered a long waiting line which wasted more time than the very work, one stood in that queue for.
Now if you are told that one can earn up to $160 for just standing in that long queue?
That’s what exactly is happening with 31 years old, Fredrick Beckitt who is paid $20 to $160 for just standing in a queue on the behalf of rich people.

Know How This Professional Queuer Earns $160 In A Day!
Photo by Konstantin-Khrustov from Pexels

What it takes to be a professional queuer

Freddie started with advertising his skills on Taskrabbit, with him listing pet sitting, packing, moving help, errands and gardening as well to supplement his income.
He explained: “Honestly it came about by just stretching around here, there and everywhere, Taskrabbit enables you to list various different odd jobs and clients just select you from the roles you’ve listed”.
Fredrick Beckitt is originally from Fulham in West London. The long waiting lines are a common sight in London and he speaks on the matter that he has utilised his virtue of being a Londoner to now be a professional queuer.

How does Fredrick Beckitt work as a professional queuer?

Fredrick Beckitt opened up about his work to The Sun and stated
“I worked eight hours for a job queuing for the V&A’s Christian Dior exhibition for some very well-to-do people around their mid-sixties.
“The actual queuing was just three hours but they asked me to collect their tickets too and wait for them to arrive, so I just had hours perusing the V&A museum being paid £20 an hour, it was great!”
He further added,
“I also do seasonal and Christmas shopping queuing, but big events that people know about in advance, is normally when people think to book me in to save them time,”
Undoubtedly it takes a patient of a saint to stand in long queues in the bitter cold or blistering heat, but he gets a good remuneration of 20 to 160 dollars for it.
Additionally, he is a historical fiction writer and through these odd jobs, he gets much time to invest in his writing.

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