Ganesh Rakh: The Doctor Who Delivers Girl Childs For Free In His Hospital

Doctor Ganesh Rakh

Many termed him a “real hero,” including ministers, government officials, and superstar of Bollywood, Amitabh Bachchan. This Indian doctor is being appreciated and applauded for his genuine efforts to save a girl child.

The girl child has often been deemed a burden in India’s many families and traditions. Rural society and even cities have undermined the importance of females. Female foeticide is a punishable offense in India, but still, abortions of girl child after determining the sex of the foetus is happening in the country.

Why Ganesh Rakh pledged himself to this cause

Back in 1961, for every 1,000 boys under the age of seven, there were 976 girls present in India. According to the latest census figures released in 2011, that number has dropped significantly to 914.

The 2011 census very much affected Dr Rakh, who dotes upon his nine-year-old daughter and only child. Putting that into perspective made him realize how troubling and severe a problem is.

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“The biggest challenge for a doctor is to tell relatives that a patient has died. For me, it was equally difficult to tell families that they’d had a daughter,” he stated to BBC.

Furthermore, he hails from a low-income family, his father was a laborer, and his mother was a housemaid. His wife and brother did not welcome his decision, but his father encouraged this decision.

How is Ganesh Rakh making a significant change which started as a bit of effort?

To start with, after four years since he launched his campaign, 464 girls have been born, and he has not charged any fee for their birth for his hospital.

Adding to this, over the past few months, he has asked doctors around India to do at least one free delivery, and he reports that many of those doctors have pledged support for the cause.

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He has also been organizing marches throughout Pune to convince people that a daughter is as precious as a son.

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