Fire Contained at New Jersey Chemical Plant Averting a Disaster

Fire Contained at New Jersey Chemical Plant Averting a Disaster

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A huge blaze was seen in a New Jersey chemical plant on Saturday night. The US News reports that heavy smoke in the area and the prevalence of burning smell filled up the neighborhood reached New York City. There were no evacuation orders and no report of casualties. 

Raging blaze at the chemical plant

The chemical plant, Majestic industries, and the Qualco plant in Passaic contained housing plastics, pallets, and chlorine. Three fire trucks were brought to the site to put out the blaze. The weather outside wasn’t favorable, with 20 degrees outside, making it difficult to cut down the blaze immediately. The firefighting crews had to battle pockets of a blaze in the plant, but a major catastrophe was averted.

The firefighters were quick enough to prevent the blaze from reaching the main plant, which might have caused a bigger accident and endangered several lies both in New York and New Jersey. Fox2 News reports that the neighborhood was instructed to close windows and stay within as the air quality was unacceptable. However, some residents felt otherwise and left homes to be as far from the blaze as possible, as they were worried that the blaze couldn’t be controlled.

Containing the fire

ABC News reports that the firefighting efforts took a while because of inadvertent weather conditions. The nip in the air and frozen water from the hydrants and hoses were insufficient for the rescue efforts. Water was being drawn from the Passaic River nearby by boats. The firefighter had a hard time as they kept slipping and experiencing falls, one of whom had an eye injury.

The security guard was the first to report the smoke coming from the chemical plant when he checked the water pressure. He immediately called the fire department as the alarms went off.

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