New York Woman Cured Of HIV Using Cutting-Edge Treatment

New York Woman Cured Of HIV Using Cutting-Edge Treatment

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A lady has reportedly been cured of HIV using cutting-edge treatment, marking a significant step forward in searching for an HIV cure.
She is the first woman to be cured and the third person overall to be cured.

According to the researchers, the procedure, which took place four years ago, appears to have worked, as the patient is still off HIV medication and is “asymptomatic and normal.”

Dr. Yvonne J. Bryson and Dr. Deborah Persaud, both pediatric infectious disease specialists, presented their discoveries at the Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections in Denver, Colorado, on February 15.

According to experts, she was cured utilizing a revolutionary new transplant process that took blood from the umbilical cord. This type of blood doesn’t need to be as tightly matched to the patient as other types, and there’s a lot more of it than the adult stem cells often utilized in this treatment.

Despite not being engaged in the case, AIDS expert Dr. Steven Deeks of the University of California told The New York Times that the woman’s color and sex are both crucial.

Dr. Bryson and her colleagues believe the woman is currently in HIV remission, preferring the term to ‘cure’ at this moment.
She cautioned, “You don’t want to over-call it.”

If there are no symptoms of an active HIV virus in the next few years, the patient will be declared entirely cured.

Despite being “extremely happy” about the supposedly healed woman, Dr. Persaud stated that the treatment is “still not a practical method for all but a fraction of the large numbers of people living with HIV.”

However, the procedure might still be considered a scientific breakthrough if it allows dozens of patients living with HIV and cancer to be cured each year.