Now Indian Navy Joins The Search For Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight!

With the mystery of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 deepening every single day, more and more countries are joining hands to locate the trace of the missing airliner.


Indian navy ships, which are currently on patrol in Malacca Straits, are now taking part of the multinational Search and Rescue operations.

According to the current developments, it has been reported that the aircraft did head to Malacca Straits, while it was trying to return to Kuala Lumpur, from where it started off. Satellite GSAT-7, or better known as Rukmini, of Indian Navy has also been activated to ensure that any clue leading to the Boeing 777-200 isn’t missed.

An official of the Navy reportedly said that Indian Navy ships do carry out anti-piracy patrols in a coordinated way with Indonesia and Malaysia, and therefore as a part of the law, they are meant to be a part of the search operations.

Ships with helicopter will be using the aircrafts for the entire operation. Also, according to a report by Times of India, the Navy is expected to check the Rukmini satellite, which has worked and offered commendable performance till now.

While nothing has been found with regards to wreckage, the two stolen passports of two passengers have been identified to be used by young Iranian men, aged 19 and 29.


Although the chances of survival for the 239 people onboard is slim, massive rescue operations are being conducted to find the traces of the missing plane. Experts are not ruling out any possibility.

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