Still no trace of the Missing Malaysian Airlines Plane; Was it hijacked?

The mystery of the whereabouts of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 continues even today with no traces of it found despite a huge international search operation. Many conspiracy theories are coming up on social media explaining the possible reasons for the mishap.


The first and genuine reason was of the plane crashing because of a sudden structural failure at a high altitude. But the aircraft in question is a Boeing 777 which is the best as far as air safety is concerned. The second reason for the plane’s possible crash is the possibility of a terror mission.

This was strengthened after reports of a passenger or two traveling on stolen European passports. However, it turned out that the Iranian man had no terror links and was only seeking asylum.

An interesting theory that is coming up is that North Korea could have hijacked the aircraft and has it parked in its territory where we know the media is completely state-controlled. North Korea as we know was declared as a rogue state by the US and it has a strained relation with China whereas has good relations with Malaysia.

Why this theory cannot be ruled out are the facts that the plane was shown going north-east in the direction of North Korea and the second being that North Korea has hijacked planes in the past!

Another theory is that a flight tracker video has revealed that an aircraft was possibly following MH370 and had zoomed away at unusually high speeds past other commercial aircrafts.

Whether this has any connection with MH370 isn’t confirmed but this activity happened immediately before MH370 disappeared out of the radar.

As we know most of the passengers on board of MH370 were Chinese and therefore a possibility of a terror plot involving the Uyghurs extremists cannot be ruled out. Recently there was a terror attack in China with the Uyghurs stabbing train commuters using knives.

Other theories can be very bizarre with some saying that the flight had vanished into the infamous Bermuda Triangle. Others are saying that Aliens could have hijacked the Boeing 777 out of thin air!

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