Bangalore students launch free voice calling service ‘FreeKall’ for those with no internet

For those with no internet access, a team of engineers in Bangalore have launched a free voice calling service “FreeKall” that can be used to call any part of the world.

The service which was launched last Saturday is still in testing phase with nearly four lakh FreeKalls made so far. One of the engineer said that the response has been phenomenal and their servers have crashed about seven times.

For making a FreeKall, one has to dial the number 080-67683693. The call is disconnected after one ring and the cloud system calls back the user. The automated system prompts users to dial their destination number and the call is connected.

Currently FreeKall makes money by playing advertisements for people. When a call is connected, the user get to hear an advertisement instead of the usual ringing tone. For every interval of two minutes, both the caller and the called party have to pause to advertisements for soaps, shampoos and the like.

The system currently supports 10,000 requests per second only. Unregistered users can make calls for three minutes while registered users can make for 12 minutes. In future unlimited calls are being launched on FreeKall. International calls will also be possible once legal clearances are obtained.